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Our Vision: For all students to be well prepared to achieve success in their schooling and in the wider society; and to have the opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, values and confidence necessary to achieve their individual potential.

Our Beliefs
• All children are capable of learning
• All children need to be valued, supported and accepted
• The learning environment needs to be safe,
inclusive, enjoyable and stimulating.
• Students need the opportunity to work both individually and cooperatively
• meaningful and appropriate assessment needs to be used as a basis for improving individual, group and whole school improvement.
• Students need relevant and constructive feedback.
• The basis of all classroom and school interaction needs to be mutual respect
• Children learn best when there are clear and realistic expectations and well defined boundaries
• Children learn best when the learning programs are relevant, interesting and set at the right developmental level.

• Need to receive the resources, training and support they need to teach effectively
• Need to receive quality and constructive feedback on their performance
• Need to have the opportunity for input into school decision making
• Need to be kept well informed of school and system decisions and requirements
• Need to be recognised for their efforts

Our Values: These values are based on the National Values for schools and have been reworded by the School Community to in order to suit our needs and so that they are clearly understood by all stakeholders. They provide the foundation for how we strive to treat others and expect to be treated in return at East Manjimup Primary School.

RESPECT: Treat everyone with care and consideration.
CARE& COMPASSION: Care for yourself and for others.
DOING YOUR BEST: Strive to do your best and challenge yourself.
FAIR GO: Give everyone the chance to show what they are worth.
HONESTY & TRUSTWORTHINESS: Be honest, be yourself and seek the truth.
INTEGRITY: Do what you know is right and keep your word.
FREEDOM: Enjoy being an Australian and stand up for the rights of others.
RESPONSIBILITY: Try to make the right choices because your actions affect others and the environment.
UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE & INCLUSION: Smile, join in, get to know others and include them.

DoE Values: These are the values of the Department of Education and are espoused by East Manjimup and all other government schools.

Learning: We have a positive approach to learning and encourage it in others; we advance student
learning based on our belief that all students have the capacity to learn.
Excellence: We have high expectations of our students and ourselves. We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them.
Equity: We recognise the differing circumstances and needs of our students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all. We strive to create a workplace and learning environment that is free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation.
Care: We treat individuals with care. Our relationships are based on trust, mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility. We recognise the value of working in partnership with families.