safety house

Safety Houses are an excellent way for the community to provide safe places for children to go when feeling insecure or threatened.

Having a good town coverage of Safety Houses is ideal.

We currently have 18 Safety Houses and  4 business Safety House premises in Manjimup: Toyworld, Manjimup Florist, ManjimUpcycling and Manjimup Tyrepower.

If you would like to be a Safety House and provide this extra support for our children travelling between home, school and other activities, simply follow these steps:

  • fill in the attached application form
  • enter your valid Working with Children Card details
  • if you don’t have a WWC card, applications are available at the school front office at a greatly reduced cost
  • scan or smartphone image the completed form
  • email to

Your application will be then be processed and you will receive a welcome letter with a nomination award voucher.

You will also receive a welcome pack with a Procedure Card and your Safety House sign.

  • affix the sign securely to your letterbox so that it can’t be stolen

If you have any question you can contact Francesca on 0415549804.



A Safety Householder must be a caring adult who is usually in or around their home during school travel times and be ready and willing to assist any child who might seek help at their door.
This is to make sure that a child in need will find someone at home if they knock on the Safety House door for help.

Your house must have easy street access to the front door, no screening walls or trees and a Safety House sign easily visible from the street. If you have a dog it should be secured behind a fence at the rear of the building or be kept under control in the house.
This is to make sure that a young child will be able to find the Safety House door easily and will not be frightened away.

Before you can be a Safety House, everyone living in the house aged fourteen and over must consent to having a continuously monitored police check which is fully paid for by Safety House. Someone from the school Safety House Committee will help you fill out a simple Safety House WA application form.
We need to make sure that anyone who might answer the door at a Safety House has been carefully checked out.