Teacher Development School

Literature and Asian Cultures

At East Manjimup Primary School we have a focus on promoting and developing the appreciation and understanding of Literature from all cultures but primarily from an English/Australian tradition. We use these literary texts to make connections to Asian cultures and the tradition of literature in these cultures in order for our students to understand the similarities and differences between our cultures. This is an important connection for our students to make as we, as Australians, live in the Indian and Pacific Asian region.
In the Australian Curriculum: English, the priority of Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia provides rich and engaging contexts for developing students’ abilities in listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing.
The Australian Curriculum: English enables students to explore and appreciate the diverse range of traditional and contemporary texts from and about the peoples and countries of Asia, including texts written by Australians of Asian heritage. It enables students to understand how Australian culture and the English language have been influenced by the many Asian languages used in Australian homes, classrooms and communities.
In this learning area, students draw on knowledge of the Asia region, including literature, to influence and enhance their own creative pursuits. They develop communication skills that reflect cultural awareness and intercultural understanding.